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"Vanilla Latte Brownie à la Mode!!!! OMG!!! Nothing more to say!"—Peter, Basalt, CO
"Roaring Fork Spices are awesome! They have changed the way we cook. We have Wired, Daily Red and Matador (Awesome on eggs!). Dinner is now as simple as thaw, sprinkle and sear (or grill). We buy a lot of frozen chicken and shrimp from Costco. The flavors are unique and delicious, and perfect for when you need to make a quick meal. Wired on shrimp is now a once-a-week meal in our family. Thanks Roaring Fork!"—Brandy, Glenwood Springs, CO
"Kebab is absolutely one of my favorite flavors on the planet now. I can't get enough of it. I've used it on chicken and ground beef. So good!!!! But, my favorite use of it now is on cashews. On your recommendation, we drizzled a little olive oil (so the seasoning has something to stick to) and mixed in Kebab. We put a bowl of them out for our last party. They didn't even last 10 minutes."—Alicia, Carbondale, CO


We were your first customers at the Glenwood Springs farmers market and bought some of your "Smuggler" and "Outlaw" spice mixes. Remember us? We got home to Black Hawk today and we were starving. So I rubbed a bunch of chicken tenders with the Smuggler and grilled it up for a quick meal. It was a very flavorful, but not overpowering. Dipped in a little ranch...yummy! We will be ordering more for sure. Thank you and good luck with your new business!—John and Jenny, Blackhawk, CO

"We tried Wired on our wild game....YUMMY!!"—Alicia, CO

I bought 3 sample bags today along with the Hot Chili Honey, and I just used the Kalahari Cocoa Sweet Seasoning on some lemon ice cream and it was super fantastic! Made it pop! Also used the Citron on my cold chicken and it really made it!! Thanks for the great flavors! Good luck!—Brett, Eagle CO